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Broad Brook Brewing Co

(I could call this place home)
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   In this article, I will share why you need to stop by Broad Brook Brewing Company and savor every moment of your visit.


The Event


   It was March 4th, 2022.  My wife, Heather, and I were celebrating my 56th birthday, which is two days from now. But the stars aligned, and my wife had a day off, so we decided to venture out a couple of days early.


   Heather planned an itinerate route to hit a few breweries that day, with our first stop being Broad Brook Brewing.  Located in Suffield, CT, the brewery is very close to the Bradley International Airport, which is why you will find an airplane on their logo.



The Outside


   The outside of the brewery is gorgeous, with the classic barn-red face, green tin roof, and mustard-colored additions on each side. The place made this country boy at heart feel very welcome and at home.

The Outside

The Taproom


   The interior has that same homey feeling, but this brewery is still on the “new side,” which is very evident as the place is immaculate. The farm theme permeates the taproom with its rustic design. There is plenty of seating around the L-shaped bar with chalkboard brew menus and an endless supply of hanging mugs. I was impressed with the entire layout. There are other smaller areas to lounge and relax in with couches, seats, and more. It is effortless to get comfortable in this brewery.

Broad Brook Staff


   The staff was good-natured, knowledgeable, and generous.  As most of us do, Heather likes to taste samples before deciding which beer she wants to purchase.  She asked for three samples to try and the portions were huge compared to most places we have visited.  The server then began to bring more samples to her saying, “Based on what you seem to be interested in, I thought I’d bring these for you to try.”  Two or three more samples came out, and by the time Heather finished, she pretty much had a flight of beers for free.  Well done, Broad Brook!

corner bar.png

Hey Doc, what is that thing?


   I selected the Flux Capacitor Triple IPA. Somebody must be a “Back to the Future” fan! This brew has an ABV of 10.5% (no IBU listed) and has an impressive lineup of hops, including; Citra, Amarillo, Galaxy, and Vic Secret. This selection of hops creates an aroma that has notes of tropical fruit, citrus, and a slight floral scent. All of these hops are designed to produce significant taste characteristics that the brewmaster tapped into beautifully.  The classic IPA bitterness was present but far from overwhelming.  Sweet tropical fruit and citrus flavors quelled the bitter taste and left me with a crisp finish that I enjoyed. I recommend this brew to any triple lover.

flux pour.png
Broad Brook Staff
Flux Capacitor

Oh, My Burger


   The menu at BBBC is just as impressive as the beer.  I chose the burger because I am a burger fanatic.  It consisted of a “Broad Brook Beef” patty topped with Applewood smoked bacon, aged cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, house pickles, garlic Aioli, sandwiched in a Brioche bun served with a generous helping of fresh garden cucumbers on the side. I was in heaven!  It was cooked perfectly to my medium-rare request and satisfied my appetite without leaving me to feel overstuffed.  My compliments to Chefs Dylan and Gary, who did a fantastic job.  Thank you.

Oh, My Burger



   We had the pleasure of meeting Gino, a friendly and boisterous staff member who was a lot of fun. He decided to present another birthday celebrant and me to the patrons that filled the taproom and had everyone sing Happy Birthday to us. We toasted the group and each other and then returned to our conversations at the bar.  It made for a community atmosphere, joining the group together as though we were all old friends.


Heather and Bud Estey


Bud’s Rating


   All-in-all we had a great time, tasty beers, incredible food, fantastic service, and memories of a birthday well spent.  Broad Brook Brewing Company gets a rating of 4.5 mugs.  Thank you, guys!



Time to Hear From You

  • Have you ever been to Broad Brook Brewing Co.?

  • What's your favorite Triple IPA?

  • Should Hollywood make another Back to the Future movie?

Leave me a comment below.  Please take a moment to visit my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channel.  Subscribe, like, share, and all that brouhaha. 


Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Bud's Rating
Hear From You
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