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The Podcast

Bud's Beer Blurb is all about bringing you the best information about individual beers, breweries, and beer-related topics.

We decided to expand our horizons and bring you a podcast that is unlike many other beer podcasts.  Take a moment to listen to Episode 0 - The Introduction and you will understand what we want to accomplish here.

Meet the Team

Your Host - Bud Estey


Co-Host - Nick Briggs

Episode List
Episode 0 - The IntroductionBud's Beer Blurb Podcast
00:00 / 08:08

Episode 0 was designed to give you a feel for what this podcast is all about.  Take a listen and tell us what you think in the comments.

Episode 1 - Growler PowerBud's Beer Blurb
00:00 / 41:28

Episode 1 features Rob Zelonka, and Louis Westfall, the founders of Growler Power.  They will tell us about this unique portable kegerator.  My co-host, Nick Briggs, and I review Nightshift Brewing Company's "Strongest Female Lead."  This beer has a great backstory.  We also present to you the first edition of HOPS 101.

Episode 2 - Brewheads EntertainmentBud's Beer Blurb
00:00 / 52:00

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My Co-host, Nick Briggs, and I had the pleasure of having Big Mike and Brando in our studio.  They are known as Brewheads Entertainment, and we had a blast!

We had so much fun that we just kept talking and talking.  So we had to split the interview in half.

So here is Part 1 of the Brewheads Entertainment interview.

Episode 3 - Part 2 of Brewheads EntertainmentBud's Beer Blurb
00:00 / 28:13

Episode 3 - There was a lot of beer being tasted, reviewed, shared, and consumed. Things began to get even more fun as we continued our conversation.  Check out how this interview progresses as we present to you part 2 of the Brewheads Entertainment interview.

Episode 4 - Dudleytown BrewingBud's Beer Blurb
00:00 / 39:35

Episode 4 brings us to Dudleytown Brewing Co. in Windsor, CT.

We sat down with two of the owners, Darly and John, and their Head Brewer, Rob.

Good times, amazing beer, and great company are what's in store for you when you visit this brewery and when you listen to the podcast.  So grab a beer (if you are able), sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

BBB Podcast Cover art.png

Episode 5 - Somehow this episode got lost.  I have no idea how that could have happened but we apologize for the mistake.  No worries!  Episode 6 is just below ready to be heard.  Thank you.

Episode 6 - Laurel by New Park BrewingBud's Beer Blurb
00:00 / 11:10

Episode 6 is a little shorter than usual but we bring you Laurel by New Park Brewing.  Nick and I reviewed this one and we were both pleased.  

BBB Podcast Cover art.png

Episode 7 comes to us via our YouTube page.  On this episode, we have Adam and Sean of Labyrinth Brewing Co. out of Manchester, CT.

We discuss the brewery and their plans for it in the future.

Episode 8 - New Cambridge ProjectBud's Beer Blurb
00:00 / 27:38

Episode 8 brings us to the New Cambridge Project in Bristol, CT.

I got to chat with Spencer Shankle, one of the owners, about how the old Firefly Hallow brewery became the New Cambridge Project.

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