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About Bud's Beer Blurb

   Bud’s Beer Blurb was born out of the love of beer and the desire to be a small part of the vast industry that provides it.  The mission of this blog site is to provide readers with reviews of beers, breweries, and all things beer-related. In addition, to write articles about many aspects of the industry to inform and entertain our readers.  

   The vision of Bud’s Beer Blurb is to travel to various breweries and get to know the people behind the scene.  I want to discover new beers and new tastes.  Finally, to document the experiences and share them with our public.

   Though the information that will come across this site may be an opinion or perception of a personal nature, I pledge to be as unbiased as possible and report the facts and the view.

   As a homebrewer and a long-time beer enthusiast, I understand what it takes to produce a great beer.  Through this experience and knowledge, I will accomplish my goals of sharing the information that my readers seek.

    I appreciate every person who visits my site and any support provided.  I invite you to join me on my adventure, and who knows, maybe we will bump into each other at a brewery and have a beer together.  Personally, I think that would be great.

   Please take a look at our Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter, and Instagram.   Be sure to Like, Follow, Subscribe. Share, and all of that good stuff.  I also have comment boxes on every page to share your thoughts.

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What's a Blurb?!!


blurb  /blərb/


  1. a short description of a book, movie, or other product written for promotional purposes 

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