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Paul & Vinnie's

Not your Average Food Truck!

I had the privilege of tasting an amazing sandwich from Paul & Vinnie's food truck

and it was delightful! 


There was a serious cheese issue!

The video tells the story but the review is down below.

Bud's Review

     There is so much experience behind this little food truck.  

The truck comes from Carbone's Kitchen located in Bloomfield, CT.  The parent of this establishment is Carbone's Prime located in Rockyhill, CT.


     Carbone's Prime is owned by Vinnie Carbone, a chef that deserves great accolades for his accomplishments.  Here is a clip from Carbone's Prime website.

   "Vinnie (the 3rd generation of family ownership) continues Carbone’s long tradition of excellence in food and service in his three restaurants. He has also established himself as a celebrated chef with national recognition from the prestigious James Beard Society. The selection of Carbone’s Ristorante as Best Italian by Connecticut Magazine, Hartford Magazine, and other food publications reflect Vinnie’s culinary skills and passion for cooking."

     As I mentioned, Carbone's Kitchen was born out of Carbone's Prime and is owned by Vinnie and his Managing Partner and Executive Chef, Paul Rafala.  Paul has an impressive resume as well.  From Carbone's Kitchen's website is another clip detailing Paul's accomplishments.

   "Paul graduated from Johnson and Wales in 1983 and joined Carbone’s as a broiler chef for a short time. He then expanded his culinary skills by exploring other cuisines elsewhere, including classical French, Cajun, and Creole. He returned to Carbone’s in 1984 as General Manager and Executive Chef. Carbone’s restaurants' consistent reputation for excellence in cuisine is a product of his long term involvement. Along with Vinnie, he is also recognized by the James Beard Society."

     The talent of these two Chefs can be seen and tasted in Paul and Vinnie's truck.  The Front Street Philly that I was given was incredible.  (See the video for details about the sandwich)  I will be looking out for Paul & Vinnie's in my brewery travels and dining with them again.

Bud's Overall Rating

The truck:  Immaculate.  Extremely clean inside and out.


Staff:  The staff is friendly, knowledgable, and very professional.  There were two gentlemen working the kitchen and a young lady serving the customers their meals.


The food:  What can I say that hasn't already been said?  It was delicious.  I recommend that you pick your next brewery trip to line up with their schedule.

I have to give Paul & Vinnie's 4 1/2 Gold Tires.  Amazing work guys.  Keep it up.

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