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Welcome to Bud's Beer Blurb

Where we review beer, breweries, and much more.

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The Podcast

That's right folks, we have started a podcast.  

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Chili Burger from Secret Venue

This burger was made by a friend of ours that should have his own restaurant.

I paired this burger with a Golden Monkey Belgian-style Ale by Victory Brewing.

This is the only place to see the review

11th Anniversary
by Relic Brewing
Bee Keeper

We've got
a Twofer!

Bud reviews two beers in this one little element box.

S t a s h   J a r

by Hoax Brewing

Most of my reviews can be seen on my Social Media platforms, but this one can only be seen here.

Brewery's Description:


New England Style IPA infused with Terpenes from our favorite strains of cannabis.

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Farm Kitchen Logo.png

This is the burger review I have been waiting to do!  Check out the video to see my reaction to the first bite.  

A gourmet culinary cannabis experience


A very unusual review for Bud.  It's a good thing his son Joe was around to help. Bud and Joe review edibles by Miss Mary Macs.

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Bud is reviewing something very different. 

He's reviewing candles! 

Not just any ordinary candles though, these candles are WickCraft Beer Candles.  Beer-scented candles that are surprisingly sweet.  Check out Bud's review and all the different scents he got to sniff.


I was delighted to taste the tacos from Nibbles n Noms, and you will too if you are lucky enough. 

This we a delightful treat, but I did have a couple of critiques.

Megaton DNEIPA

If you love NEIPAs, then don't miss this beer!

Bitch Be trip YT Cover.png

Bitch "B"

 NEDIPA  by Almost Famous

Home of Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce!


Four beer ratings in one video and the beers were good!

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CT Beer Tours!

You drink, We drive.

If they're pouring, we're touring.

Weave Got Hops
Berkshire Brewing Company

Weave \ˈwēv\  (verb)  to produce by elaborately combining elements. (That is a perfect way to describe this beer)

Three reasons people are willing to wait 
in a line at Back East Brewing Company

{I'm your Ice Cream Man, stop me as I'm passin' by}

Triple Scoop label.png

A Celebration of Mediocrity
is No Mediocre Beer

{Reviewing Mediocrity and Celebrating it}

20201210_181404 (1)_edited.jpg

The ABC’s of Jam Juice Hazy IPA

{Do you know your ABCs?}


Three Reasons to Love Hooker’s Super Duper Triple Citra

{ Citra - Citra - and more Citra! }


This is what an IPA is supposed to taste like.

(Triple Love Juice New England Style Triple IPA)

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What's a Blurb?!!


blurb  /blərb/


  1. a short description of a book, movie, or other product written for promotional purposes 

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