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Weave Got Hops
Berkshire Brewing Company


Weave \ˈwēv\  (verb)  to produce by elaborately combining elements.  (That is a perfect way to describe this beer)

When I see the name of this beer, all I hear in my head is "We want the funk."  But in this case, "Weave Got Hops."  If you turn the sound on you'll see what I mean.

     This review tells you about a little gem I found while hunting for new beers. It’s called Weave Got Hops, and it is hard to find.  So if you see it on the shelf, you better grab it while you can because Weave Got Hops is a full-flavored beer that you don’t want to miss.

Brewery’s Description: (As it appeared on UnTappd)

     Appears opaque with haze & deep yellow marigold in color. Pours a dense, creamy white, pillowy head. Galaxy hops dominate the aroma with very ripe tropical & citrus notes. Dank. Drinks with a medium body & soft on the palate. Flavors of fresh & candied pineapple, citrus & stone fruit. Finishes with a medium juicy body, laden with peach & passionfruit with subtle citrus rind bitterness to balance.

     I was trying to investigate this beer's production but had little luck. Finally, I got a break.  Berkshire Brewing sent me some information to guide me through my review with accuracy. A source said Weave Got Hops had Galaxy hops in it. That was incorrect.  Berkshire explained that this particular brew is an older rotation in a line of beers they produce.  So the Galaxy hops are most likely used in the newer beers in the series.  For now, let's look at the hops in this beer.

Hops Breakdown




First up is the ever-popular Citra Hop. 


     Citra® is the current superstar of the hop world. It is the most sought-after hop variety because it offers an intense citrusy flavor and aroma that revolutionized IPAs.

Citra® hops are noted for their higher Geraniol content (the part of the essential oils that emit fragrance) which is biotransformed by yeast into Citronellol, a highly sought-after aroma compound in fruit-forward IPAs. (


Side Note: Citronellol is a naturally occurring scent ingredient derived from plants such as rose, geranium, lemongrass, and hops.  (Have you ever heard of citronella candles?) 


Citra Characteristics: Citrus, floral, tropical fruits, harsh bitterness

Purpose: Bittering & Aroma

Alpha Acid Composition: 10%-15%

Citra Key horizontal.png
citra hops plant.jpg

Vic Secret™

Our second hop is Vic Secret™  

     Vic Secret™ is fairly new to the game, only being introduced in 2013. She hails from the same Australian and U.K. roots as her sister Topaz™. Anticipate flavors and aromatics of clean pineapple and passionfruit, with a slight, resinous whiff lingering in the background. Vic Secret's approachability and high alpha acid content make her a nice addition to any hop-forward beer style. Her characteristics are best highlighted in the whirlpool or dry-hop additions. Vic Secret™ possesses similar yet lighter characteristics than her peer Galaxy™, but she’s no less of a breakout star in her own right. (


Characteristics: Tropical fruit, pine, herbs

Purpose:  Bittering & Aroma

Alpha Acid Composition: 14%-17%

vic secret plant.jpg
vic secret key.png

These hops varieties have massive Alpha Acid compositions that bring a lot of flavor and aroma to the table.  Berkshire Brewing brought those flavors and the sweeter aspects that they possess.  These two hops can make a brew super bitter, but the team at Berkshire kept the bitterness at bay and created a truly fantastic beer.


Sniff & Sip

The nose picked up tropical fruit, peach, orange citrus, and a sweet malt as well.  There is a potent aroma, yet, quite pleasant.

The taste is earthy and woody with a creamy malt thickness.  I detect notes of stone fruit and assorted grains. This is a very drinkable beer.  I give Weave Got Hops 4 out of 5 mugs.

beer mug rating.png
beer mug rating.png
beer mug rating.png
beer mug rating.png








Weave Got Hops

Berkshire Brewing Co.



No IBU Listed

3.88 (Untappd)


Time to hear from you

 I want to hear from you now.  

  • Have you had any of the Weave Got Hops beers?

  • If so, which ones?

  • Do you like New England IPAs or West Coast IPAs?

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