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Three Reasons to Love Hooker’s Super Duper Triple Citra...

{ Citra - Citra - and more Citra! }

Thomas Hooker Brewery

Bloomfield Brewery

16 Tobey Rd

Bloomfield, CT 06002

Thomas Hooker Brewery at Colt

140 Huyshope Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

   Thomas Hooker Brewery didn’t pull any punches for this power-packed brew.  We will take a good look at this triple IPA and see how it earned a 4.13 rating on Untappd and why it deserves that score all day long.  All.  Day.  Long!


   Super Duper Triple Citra is a modified version of Hooker’s Super Duper Double Citra and is described as having a dangerously smooth body.  This hopped-up triple version has a tremendous 10% ABV, but no IBU is listed.  


    In a world of craft beers that mix and combine different varieties of hops to create an infinite number of flavors, I find it amazing that only one type of hop was used to father this incredible brew, obviously the Citra.  So we better break down all the details of the Citra and see how it contributes to making this beer so amazing.


Citra Hops





   Citra hops are dual-purpose with a robust citrusy profile and are used for bittering and aroma.  They have bold flavors of grapefruit, lime, and tropical fruits, but despite their high alphas, some brewers often warn against their use for bittering because they tend to be harsh and undesirable.


Alpha Acids


   Alpha Acids are found in a resin formed in the hops cone called lupulin. They are of great interest to brewers because they are the chief bittering agent of the plant.  The higher the percentage of alpha acids, the stronger the bittering ability.  




   Hop varieties are often grouped into four categories based on their alpha acid content. There are the low-alpha aroma varieties with alpha acid levels of perhaps 2.5% - 6%; dual-purpose varieties with alpha acid levels of 6% - 10%; high-alpha bittering varieties with levels of 10% - 15%; and then there are super alpha bittering varieties with alpha-acid levels of perhaps 14% - 18%. 


   Citra hops fall into the 10% - 15% range, which can significantly increase the bitter flavor depending on the boil's length or other added ingredients.  They also have a high impact aroma factor, so to use nothing but Citra can be a real gamble, especially when you are tripling the hops.  Fortunately, it was one that truly paid off for the brewers at Thomas Hooker Brewery.


The Sniff & Sip


   This was a great beer to have the privilege to review, and I was excited to get to it.  Once I cracked open the can, the powerful scent of Citrusy orange peel filled the air.  The pour was beautiful.  A lovely golden SMR 6 color capped proudly by a one and a half finger head that held on for a moment or two.  


   Upon raising the glass to my nose, I drew in the scent of more intense citrus and mango notes and even a bit of peach.  The first sip was surprising.  I was waiting for that strong bitter flavor to hit me, but instead, there was a sweetness that tamed it.  The 10% ABV didn’t create an over-bearing alcohol flavor either.  It was blended nicely and complimented the taste and did not overpower the pallet.  There was a smooth, crisp finish with a mouthfeel that I would also describe as smooth and creamy.

Bud's Overall Rating

   This is a good beer.  Hooker’s years of experience shine through this barley pop.  Thomas Hooker Brewery certainly knows how to utilize Citra hops’ full potential with temperance.  

Well done, guys!  I'll be picking this one up whenever I see it on the shelf of my local package store.  I give this beer 4.5 mugs.

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Citra Hops
Alpha Acids
The Sniff & Sip
Bud's Overall Rating

Time to hear from you


   Do you know of any really good Citra hops beers?  Have you ever had a Thomas Hooker Brew and if so, which one?   Leave me a comment below.

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Time to Hear from You








Super Duper Triple Citra

Thomas Hooker Brewery

IPA Triple


No IBU Listed

4.13 (Untappd)


Bud's Overall Rating:  4.5 mugs

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beer mug rating.png
beer mug rating.png
beer mug rating.png
beer mug rating.png
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