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Square Peg Pizzeria

Brick oven pizza right at the brewery

I always enjoy discovering new food trucks.  I love the reactions I get when I introduce myself and tell them I am a beer blogger that also reviews food trucks.  Usually, I get a strange glare at first.  Once I start explaining myself with more details, I find the owners of the trucks will warm up to me and my request to review them and genuinely get excited to show off their craft.


Square Peg Pizza was no different.  They were happy to dish out a Margarita Pizza for me to taste.  I have a video posted on this page of the actual tasting, and the rating I gave them, but I want to go into details as to why I gave them the rating I did.


Let me start by saying that the pizza was delicious.  The sauce had a tangy tomato base with a hint of sweetness in the background.  There were large basil leaves on top and mozzarella cheese to top it all off.  The crust was tasty and the edges had that beautiful crispy crunch you get with a brick fire oven.  Yes, they arrived with a truck that had a domed brick oven to cook these little gems.  The wood smoke enhanced the pizza’s overall flavor and made my taste buds very happy.


My rating for Square Peg’s Margarita pizza was 3.5 out of 5.  It could have been an easy 4 had they done two things:  Add a little more toppings, and cook it a bit longer.  


In the video, (below) you can see the pizza is drooping at the center of the pizza.  The crust was a bit soft in the center and could have used a few more minutes to firm it up.  I understand that when you have a crowd of people swarming your stand, you need to put out as many pizzas as possible.  In that type of chaos, things can happen.  Unfortunately, this was not the case when I was there.  They definitely had orders but not chaos.  My pizza could have stayed in a little longer.  Someone actually warned me I was chatting with that I may want to ask them to cook it longer because their pizza dough is usually too soft.  So I went out and did just that.  I asked for the crust to be cooked longer so it could get crispier.  With that request, I would have expected it not to be so chewy.  


My second critique is about the toppings.  I called this margarita pizza “Classic,” in the video, and it was.  The flavor was spot on, and I know that a classic margarita pizza is not loaded with toppings, but I would have liked to have seen a bit more added.  


These two critiques should not sway you from buying a pizza from them.  As a matter of fact, if I see them at a brewery again, I will definitely buy one or two.  The flavor is on the money!  The edge of the crust and the flavor of the fire is amazing.  I enjoyed it and look forward to having more.

Bud's Overall Rating

The truck:  The truck has a rustic charm.  Very clean and organized

Staff:  The staff is friendly, knowledgable, and very professional.  


The food:  What can I say that hasn't already been said?  It was delicious.  Amazing classic flavor.  Keep an eye out for them.  Their pizza goes great with any brewery's beer.

I gave Square Peg Pizzeria 3 1/2 Gold Tires. 

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The on-site review
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