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Rule of 3 Brewing

Brewery  Review

Scott Cross and Bud Estey

     In the country town of East Hampton, CT you will find a great little brewery called The Rule of 3 Brewing.  At the time of this writing, RO3 was only six months old, and yet it seemed to be flourishing.  I will say that it must be the beer that keeps everyone coming back.  I gave two reviews that you can watch in the videos below.

     If it's not the beer bringing folks back, then it has to be the incredibly nice staff members and the two owners, Scott Cross and John Vitale.  I didn't get a chance to formally meet John, but I did say hello while he was zooming by to work on something, and even though he was in a rush he made eye contact and gave me a genuine, "Hey there!  How are you doing?"

     Scott recognized me from a brew bash that I attended.  I spoke to him for a minute or two at the bash, and that's all it took for him to remember me.  I was honored and impressed by his keen memory.  I have a hard time remembering all of my pets' names.  (We have too many pets.)

     Scott showed me around the brewery and told me the story of all the work that went into building it.  Scott classifies his brewery as a Nano-brewery.   


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