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Two of the sweetest people serving up the sweetest wings.

Bud reviews: Rich's Wings and Things.

     As a beer blogger, I tend to travel a lot to get to the breweries that I am reviewing.  And drinking beer without a little something snack on isn’t as fun as having a big plate of your favorite bar food.  The food truck industry has made it possible for us to go to our favorite breweries and enjoy the best of both worlds.  Ice cold brews with fresh hot food.


     On one of my journeys, I came across Rich’s Wings & Things.  I wanted to write a little bit about their background, and in doing the research, I found that their website has one of the best “About Us” pages ever written.  So instead of me trying to reinvent the wheel, I decide to let them tell you about themselves.


     Rich Vallinaggi is a retired locksmith by trade. He owned and operated his locksmith business for over 30 years before retiring in 2019. Rich also had a passion for cooking.  He LOVES cooking. Must be his Italian heritage. He worked at several local restaurants in his lifetime and most recently worked at the snack shack at New Milford Bowling Center.  Customer service has always been Rich’s focus. Rich is driven by his own high expectations of himself when preparing food for others.


     One day he came home and said “Honey, I want to get a food trailer”. He was like a kid in a candy shop. How could I say no? He did his homework and made the investment in this new venture: Rich’s Wings and Things. Now, five months later it is a reality. The food trailer is on its way to Connecticut and will be opening soon.

     One can even say that you could find a silver lining even in the most difficult times.  We started this venture before we even knew what CoVID-19 was all about.  Now even in the worst times of this pandemic, we stayed focused on our dreams.   Make my husband’s dream a reality by joining us at our GRAND OPENING happening soon (May-June).   


      Rich has been a long-time resident of New Milford.  He moved to New Milford when he was 9 years old with his family.  As an adult, he lived around the New Milford area and moved back to his childhood home with his wife Debbie in 2014.  You will see more of me (The Hen: Debbie) because I will be by my husband’s side being the Hostess and Rich (The Rooster) will be in the trailer cooking up the most delicious Wings and Things for all of you to enjoy!!  (From

     There you have it, straight from the hen’s mouth.  Now it is my turn to tell a little story of how I met these two beautiful people and dined on some of the best wings I have ever tasted.  

     I was getting that “I need a snack” feeling while drinking a beer at Reverie Brewing Company.  Luckily for me, Rich had his trailer all set up in the parking lot.  I approached the couple busy at work and introduced myself.  They were thrilled to have someone review their food.  I asked for just a tiny sample, but Rich and Debbie wouldn’t have it that way.  Rich said, “I’ll fix you up a plate of wings.  What kind do you like?”  I ordered the Bar-B-Que, Mississippi Honey BBQ, and the Sweet Chilli.  Rich told me to go back inside, and he would have them ready in a few minutes.


     Rich was true to his word because Debbie came bouncing into the brewery with a tray full of wings within five minutes or so.  They brought me an entire order.  I felt guilty… until I tried them.  I tried the honey BBQ first.  They were dripping with BBQ sauce which is just the way I like them.  I turned on my camera and got Debbie on screen with me.  She is a delightful lady.  She supports her husband and their food with all her heart.  (You can see the video at the bottom of this page.)  My first bite was messy.  My big beard and mustache do not go well with sticky wings.  I didn’t care.  I could not believe the flavor that I was experiencing.  The chicken was cooked perfectly and was plenty hot.  The temperature of my food is important to me.  I like it piping hot.  The sweetness of the honey was fantastic, but the nicely balanced spicy taste in the background made this wing unique.  With a big glop of sauce on my beard and a mouth full of wings, I turned to Debbie with a look of complete satisfaction on my face.  “These are delicious!” I told Debbie, who knew well in advance that would be my response.


     My compliments to Rich Vallinaggi for making some of the best wings I have ever tasted and, more importantly, following after a dream.  My advice to my readers is, “Don’t wait to bump into Rich’s Wings& Things at a brewery.  Get onto their site, find out where they are, and go there to try their delightful treats.”  Rich and Debbie get 4.5 mugs from me.  Thank you so much for the experience, guys.  I appreciate it greatly!


Bud's Overall Rating

The Truck's Appearance:  Very Clean and colorful.  I love the design scheme. 

Staff:  Two of the sweetest people you could ever meet.

Food: All three flavors of wings get 4.5 mugs.  Fantastic!

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