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Relish This Food Truck

If you see them parked, you need to

Slide on over and taste their sliders!

It's that season again! The food trucks are rolling out, and thank goodness for that because when you are drinking beers at one of Connecticut's finest breweries, the need to feed is strong indeed.

     I was at Almost Famous Brewing Company reviewing some beers, and that need hit me. Luckily for me, there was a food truck parked right outside. But, of course, it wasn't perchance. They were scheduled to be there, and they were right on time and ready to get to work.

     I approached the truck and found three folks just waiting to serve me, the owners, Susan and C.J. Pribyson, along with their son James. "Hi! How are you doing," I started brilliantly. They looked a tad confused but then broke out with a hardy, "Hello there! What can we do for you today?"

     I introduced myself and explained that I am a beer blogger and wanted to start reviewing food trucks as part of my blog. They suddenly got excited. I was a little shocked by that. This was the first truck I was approaching with this concept, and I didn't know what to expect. Susan told me that they have been trying to create a forum for bloggers and food trucks to meet and get the reviews out there. C.J. and Susan believe in what they do and want to share their cuisine with the community they serve. This took a lot of pressure off of me. I was glad to be the one blogger to start the ball rolling for them.

     I asked, "What is your flagship dish, and may I try it, please?" All three came right out with, "Our sliders!" "Well then, a slider it is!" Susan and I chatted for a while C.J. made himself busy preparing a slider for me. It didn't take him long, and I was quickly handed a tiny burger with a purple bun. Why was it purple? 

     "They are ube rolls (pronounced OO-beh). Ube is a purple yam— it's very closely related to white-fleshed yams but distinct from the candied "yams" you may find on the Thanksgiving table. Ube has origins in Southeast Asia, but it is most commonly used in Filipino cuisine." 

(From the Relish This website)


     This thing looked amazing.  I couldn't believe all of the items that were packed between two little purple buns.  Served with carnalized onions, bacon, cheddar cheese, and a house-made bourbon, maple & vanilla aioli on an Ube slider roll.  The aroma was wonderful.  You can watch the video of my first bit and reaction in the video player box. (Mobile version: Bottom of page)

     This slider was delicious.  So much flavor comes pouring out of it.  When I see them again (not if) I am going to order the entire meal.  I can't wait.  When you see them, be sure to pick up a meal and tell them Bud sent you.

Bud's Overall Rating

The Truck's Appearance:  Very Clean.  It looks busy inside, but that's ok.

Staff:  Extremely friendly, polite, enthusiastic. 

Food:  My slider gets 4.5 mugs.  Fantastic!

beer mug rating.png
beer mug rating.png
beer mug rating.png
beer mug rating.png
beer mug rating.png

From their website, you can view their schedule, and menu, read about the purple buns, order food online, and discover a taste sensation that should not be missed.  It's all at:


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