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No Coast Kitchen LLC

This review is a little different

Most of the reviews that I do are written as a blog.  This review is (mostly) in the video below.  In this video, I am doing a tasting of Chef Beau Williams's authentic Mexican Street Food.  Beau is the owner of No Coast Kitchen, a little food cart that used to be a hotdog stand that has been transformed into a fully functional Mexican street-style kitchen.

The only thing missing in the video is the actual rating.


How did Beau Williams rate in this blogger's opinion?

All of his food is fantastic.  I have to say that the Vegetarian Rajas Quesadilla is my favorite item.  I will be looking for Beau in the future to get more of those.

Bud's Overall Rating

Staff:  Beau is crazy, fun, hilarious, and a very hard worker.

Cart:  His cart and workstation were kept very clean and orderly.

Food:  The food was delicious.  Everything is prepared from scratch.  All of his oils, vinegars, sauces, and seasonings.  Amazing!

Rating:  I give No Coast Kitchen a solid 4 out of 5 tires

(I don't use stars or mugs here.)

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No Coast Kitchen LLC
The tasting of authentic Mexican Street food

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