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Nibbles n Noms
Food Truck Review

I was delighted to taste the tacos from Nibbles n Noms, and you will too if you are lucky enough. 

Watch the review video, and see how the Low Country Seasoned Steak Tacos rate.

Down below is some additional info about Nibbles n Noms that I hope you enjoy.

Meet the Team

The Review while sitting at the bar of Labyrinth Brewing Co.

Kate Porter-Collins

Co-Founder, Head Chef

If you've asked her once, you've asked her a thousand times... "My dream is to feed the world!" The true foodie of the group, Kate has always enjoyed creating unique pairings for her friends and family. Now bringing her food to the main stage, she is the true heart and soul of Nibbles n' Noms food truck! Her love of cultural studies combined with her culinary studies has led her to create some truly unique and delicious fusion tacos and appetizers! When she is not using her creative juices for recipes, you will usually find her in the art studio! Otherwise, she will be kayaking, hiking with the pups, foraging for fungi, or anything else nature related!


Ashley Porter-Collins

Co-Founder, CFO

Ashley had been an agricultural science teacher for twelve years with her wife Kate, consistently supporting her career and passion. With a once in a lifetime opportunity to flip the script, she's now able to support Kate in realizing her dream and passion! While her specialties were veterinary, environmental, and aquaculture sciences, luckily she also taught food science and agribusiness leading her to become the "businesswoman" of Nibbles n' Noms taco food truck! While not taking direction in the kitchen or on the truck, she loves to kayak, ski, play video and board games and most of all, binge her favorite streaming shows!

Emily and Tyler.png

Emily & Tyler Stairs

Dynamic Duo Employees

Emily and Tyler are fantastic additions to the team for large events and busy locations! Neither are new to being in a kitchen or quality restaurant service and put their love and soul into each diced vegetable or taco creation. Coming on board in September, they have had a bit of a learning curve to the food truck life but have learned in record time. They are both wonderful to work with, follow directions beautifully, and have excellent work ethics! Just like the owners, this married couple loves working together and they are first in line to run our second truck in the future! Keep your eye out for these two! We love them and so will you!

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