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Motion Machine

By Relic Brewing Co.

     Many IPAs have the same old hops time and time again. If you have read my other articles, you know this to be true. I like to break down the beer as best as possible to describe what you're tasting. I often explain the hops used and the characteristics of each hop. However, when it is the same hop every time, the information becomes redundant and boring.

    I got excited when I started investigating Motion Machine by Relic Brewing. I have three new hops to bring to the table and share the profiles with you. So let’s get right to the Hops Break Down.

Riwaka Flavor Key.png


     Considered to be one of the darling hops of the New Zealand craft beer scene, Riwaka’s abundant oil content is nearly twice that of its parent variety Saaz. This unique oil balance alongside a near 1:1 ratio of alpha to beta acids gives it a strong sweet citrus note that, according to one brewer, makes it the “ultimate” for hoppy beers. (

Alpha Acid Composition: 4.5%-6.5%

Beta Acids Composition:  4.0-5.0%

Darling hops - Hops that are favored over other varieties more often.


Bud's Notes:  Riwaka hops have a 1:1 ratio between alpha and beta acids that gives off a robust citrus aroma with notes of grapefruit and kumquat.


     Moutere™ is a newer variety that was just released in 2015. It was previously known as HORT 0605 and is the cross between New Zealand Southern Cross and an unnamed male. Moutere™ is very fruit-forward with tropical fruits, ripe citrus, and resinous pine. Some brewers also report aromas of sweet hay that is a great fit for pilsners and Saisons.  (

Alpha Acid Composition:  17.0-19.5%

Bud's Notes:  Now we are talking about much stronger alpha acids and flavors. Also, the piney flavor will pop when using these hops, giving your beer that strong IPA backbone that we all come to expect.

Moutere Flavor Key.png


     Bred in New Zealand, triploid aroma hop Pacifica, or Pacific Hallertau as it is sometimes known, is the result of open pollination breeding of German hop Hallertauer Mittelfrüher. The hop was released by HortResearch, New Zealand, following promising brewing trials in 1994. (

Alpha Acid Composition:  5%-6%


Bud's Notes:  The nose picks up the citrusy, spicy, orange, and floral aroma that Pacifica releases into the brew.  What a great combination of hops that Relic chose to make this delightful beer.

Pacifica Flavor Key.png

The Sniff & Sip

     The aroma of this beer is quite remarkable. The citrus jumped out first but not with the grapefruit quality that you might expect. Instead, the orange and floral aromas of the Pacifica hops are dominant but still allow the piney notes to come through.

     The first sip was surprising. Bitterness didn’t overwhelm my taste buds. The ripe citrus, tropical sweetness, and melon flavor were mixed perfectly with piney bitterness. I was in Craftbeer heaven. I quickly took a second sip and saw it hadn’t changed. There is a slight spiciness that holds hands with the bitterness.

Bud's Overall Rating

Motion Machine is a delicious beer.  I will be picking it up whenever I can.  I have to give this beer 4 mugs.  It deserves it all day long.

beer mug rating.png
beer mug rating.png
beer mug rating.png
beer mug rating.png








Motion Machine DIPA

Relic Brewing Co.

IPA - Imperial / Double


No IBU Listed

4 (Untappd)


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