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Three reasons people are willing to wait 
in a line at Back East Brewing Company

{I'm your ice cream man Stop me when I'm passin' by}

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     Remember when we couldn’t wait for the ice cream truck to drive down our street when we were kids?  Or visit the local ice cream parlor to get a cone or sundae?  We would anxiously wait in line to get our hands on that finely crafted treat.  It is similar to the way adults are waiting at Back East Brewing Company for their Ice Cream Man series of brews. 

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When Ice Cream Man was released, the unique taste of this beer had craft beer lovers astounded.  They lined up outside the brewery to buy this “as good as a sundae” beer.  There are now three brews in the Ice Cream Man series, and they are the three reasons people are willing to wait in line.

Citra Stands Alone


We are looking at Single Hop beers, using only the Citra Hop. Citra is the most sought-after hop variety because it offers an intense citrusy flavor and aroma that has revolutionized IPAs. Citra is a robust variety with an Alpha Acid content of 11% - 13% and a high Myrcene composition of 60% - 70%, which means you could end up with a bitter beer if not handled properly. Thankfully, Back East Brewing knew precisely what they were doing.

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Citra Stands Alone

Ice Cream Man


Of course, the first beer released was Ice Cream Man, a juicy New England hazy IPA.  It has an ABV of 6.4%, and no IBU is listed. It tastes like an orange creamsicle, one of my favorite frozen treats as a kid.


 Ice Cream Man earned number five on Draft Magazine’s “Top 50 IPAs in America” list and scored 4.16 on UnTappd with 15,819 ratings.  No wonder people would wait in line outside the brewery to get their hands on this delicious brew.

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Ice Cream Man

Double Scoop


Next was Double Scoop.  The ABV on this double IPA was amped up to a whopping 8.4% and a rating of 4.27 with 6758 ratings.  As you can see, everything is on the rise with this beer.  The flavor was a bit more intense but still held true to the creamsicle flavor.  Double Scoop was an instant success, and Back East Brewing was flooded by patrons waiting to try this new taste sensation.  

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Double Scoop

Triple Scoop


Then came the Creme de la creme, the Triple Scoop.  I will admit right up front that this is one of my favorite beers on the market.  My local package store staff will inform me when this delightful taste treat hit their shelves.  They know I do not want to miss out.


The ABV shot up to a remarkable 10.4%.  Who cares about the IBU at this point.  This triple IPA tastes so smooth and creamy that the IBU isn’t a concern.  The UnTappd rating increased to an incredible 4.32 with 1299 ratings.

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My First Encounter with Triple Scoop


I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw Triple Scoop on the shelf at my package store.  There was only four-pack left!  How could this be?  It was selling out faster than they could stock it.  I grabbed it and hurried to the front counter.  I could hear Van Halen’s “Ice Cream Man” playing in my mind as I weaved through the isles. I know this story sounds ridiculous, but I was a kid in an ice cream parlor all over again.  Finally escaping the store and the fear that someone would try to take my Triple Scoop away from me,  I brought my prize home safely for my wife and me to try. All silliness aside, here is my take on this beer.

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My Encounter

Sniff & Sip


The orange creamsicle profile stood firm.  No disappointment there.  Some additional tropical hop notes are present due to the strong Citra hops. The taste is juicy orange citrus, pineapple, and slight vanilla, with a hint of apricot in the background.  The bitterness is present but well blended with the rest of the flavors: smooth, creamy mouth-feel and a dry bitter-sweet finish.  


Bud’s Overall Rating


My overall rating for the entire series is 4.5 Mugs.  Keep up the excellent work Back East.


Time to hear from you


  • Have you had the privilege to try any of the Ice Cream Man series?

  • Do you ever get super excited to find a particular beer?

  • When I mentioned Van Halen, did you hear Ice Cream Man playing in your head too?

Leave me a comment below.  Please take a moment to visit my FacebookInstagramTwitter,  and YouTube channel.  Subscribe, like, share, and all that brouhaha. 


Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Sniff & Sip
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