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The ABC’s of Jam Juice Hazy IPA

{Do you know your ABCs?}

Elmsford Location

444 Saw Mill River Rd.
Elmsford, NY 10523

Mount Kisco Barrel House

369 Lexington Ave
Mt Kisco, NY 10549

   What does it take to make an excellent hazy IPA?  In this review, I will give you what I am dubbing, the ABCs of Captain Lawrence Brewing Company’s Jam Juice Hazy IPA.  What are my ABCs, you ask?  Well, let’s get right to it so I can answer that question.


The Beer Breakdown


   Before we get to the ABCs, I feel it necessary to discuss what went into making this hazy brew.  Captain Lawrence’s website describes Jam Juice as “A hazy IPA double dry-hopped with Galaxy hops. Silky smooth with notes of stone fruit and peaches.” First, we’ll talk about the hops, which happen to be a fantastic variety.

Galaxy® Hops


   As a source of information for hops, I like to turn to  They have a comprehensive list of hops and all the vital details concerning each one.  Read what they had to say about Galaxy hops, “Descended from a German variety, Perle, Galaxy® is a unique Australian breed of hops that has the distinction of sporting the highest percentage of essential oils in the industry.”


   Those essential oils are we find all the flavor and aroma in the hop.  If you want to know more about the particulars of hops flavors, you can read about that in my article, “How Hops Reproduce.”  It’s some really sexy stuff.


   Claiming the notoriety of the highest percentage of essential oils means that they are also claiming the highest flavor content.  Galaxy has unique citrus, peach, and passionfruit aroma, primarily when added as a late addition, which the Captain did.  Twice!  It's called Double dry-hopping.


Double Dry Hopping


   Double dry-hopping adds hops after the fermentation is complete.  Hops would be added to the beer on two different days.  For example, the first dry-hopping might be a week before kegging, and the second addition around four days before kegging. This process adds a more profound complexity of the hop’s aroma and flavor to a beer.  Let's move on to those ABCs, which are all part of my Sniff & Sip.


The Sniff & Sip




   I’m sure that the above sub-heading has given away what the “A” stands for.  Let’s take a look at the appearance of this  DDH IPA. 


   Jam Juice pours into the glass cloudy yellow SRM 4 color with a thin head, but that isn’t a criticism.  I’m just reporting the facts. 




This will sound a little like Sesame Street, but “B” is for Bouquet.  The Galaxy hops did their job and produced notes of tropical fruits (pineapple, orange, and grapefruit) along with a piney, malt undertone.  So far, so good.




   Our letter “C” will be the critique of the flavor.  Not only did the nose detect tropical fruit, but so did the pallet. The high percentage of essential oils kicked in as the taste turned into a distinct pine typical of traditional IPAs.  What saved it was the marmalade flavors that emerged.  


Just Peachy


   Stone Fruit was in Captain Lawrence's description to describe the taste.  Stone fruit is any fruit with a hard pit in its centers, such as plums, cherries, apricots, mangoes, and peaches which was the stone fruit that popped up and left a bit of a spicy finish.


   So, where does that leave us?  It leaves us with a good beer.  I have to be completely honest, however.  It's a good beer but not a great beer.  Looking at the reviews on UnTappd, I would have to say the consensus of a 3.81 is dead on.  Would I repurchase this beer?  Absolutely.  If there were another beer that I rated higher on the shelf, I may pass by Jam Juice and grab that one instead.  No disrespect, Capt.  My overall rating is 3.5 mugs.



There you have it, the ABCs of Jam Juice.  Maybe next time, I’ll come up with the 1-2-3s or something else that's just as silly.

Time to Hear from You


I want to know what you have to say.  

  • Is Jam Juice better than a 3.8?

  • Have you ever set sail with Captain Lawrence at their brewery?

  • Should I drop the 1-2-3s idea?  

Leave me a comment below.  Please take a moment to visit my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channel.  Subscribe, like, share, and all that brouhaha. 


Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Jam Juice Hazy IPA

Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.

IPA Hazy



3.81 (Untappd)


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